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‘Last Chance U’ is at a new school for Season 3. Here’s the brand new trailer.

SB Nation has your first look at the third season of the hit Netflix show about JUCO football.

Netlfix’s Last Chance U is back for Season 3 on July 20, and the hit show chronicling the lives of JUCO football players will begin a new era. Instead of East Mississippi Community College, where the first two seasons were set, this year’s school is Independence Community College in Kansas.

SB Nation is happy to be the first place you’ll find the new trailer:

“All of us had felt that we had kind of told the story that we wanted to tell in Scooba,” director Greg Whiteley told SB Nation. “And we were ready to go to another school and see what stories that they had. We were convinced that there would be stories to tell, and we were convinced that they would be good.”


This year features a handful of high-profile players, including former Florida State and four-star quarterback prospect Malik Henry, former Texas Tech wide receiver Carlos Thompson, and former Michigan running back Kingston Davis. Independence head coach Jason Brown took over the program in December 2015. The Pirates went 5-4 in his first season.

“Our phone conversation with him was an all-timer,” Whiteley said of Brown. “He’s a 100 percent hustler in the very best sense of the word. We all just adored him.”

Netflix PR

“The world of Junior College athletics seems to be a magnet for truly inspiring, heartbreaking, and compelling stories,” Whiteley said. “For two seasons on Last Chance U, East Mississippi Community College provided an endless supply of characters and issues to explore, but we always believed there was a lot more to be discovered in the JUCO football landscape. Leaving Mississippi and heading to Independence, Kansas, gave us the opportunity to test our theory that what makes the show memorable isn’t contingent upon how good a team is.

“As we embedded ourselves in the lives of Coach Jason Brown, associate English professor Latonya Pinkard, Bobby, Emmit, Malik, Rakeem, Carlos, their teammates at Independence Community College, and the residents of this quintessentially American town, we found riveting, one-of-a-kind experiences. That the ICC Pirates football team would develop, surprisingly, into something great was gravy.”

A synopsis of the series, courtesy of Last Chance U:

Netflix’s critically acclaimed, Emmy-nominated series Last Chance U with Condé Nast Entertainment and Endgame Entertainment and One Potato Productions returns to give viewers an intense, unfiltered look at a rising junior college football program. The quaint town of Independence, Kansas, is the new setting, as the underdog Pirates of Independence Community College have a chance to finally stand tall after more than a decade of losses — or so believes their bigger-than-life head coach, Jason Brown. A sharp-tongued, yet compassionate son of Compton, California, Brown aims to get the Pirates their first conference title in over 30 years, and doesn’t care if he jolts this quiet Midwestern place while he does it. The season will also include a special episode revisit with Coach Buddy Stephens, former academic advisor Brittany Wagner, and players from the first two editions of LCU at East Mississippi Community College.