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A football player went viral for this workout move, so now lots of athletes are showing off they can do it

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Don’t try this at home, folks.

In mid June, Buffalo Bulls sophomore receiver Jovany Ruiz went viral on Twitter for this excruciating-looking hamstring workout:

Without using his hands or moving his feet or knees, he goes from here, at which point most of us would fall flat on the ground and shatter our noses:

... to here, where the laws of gravity appear to no longer be in effect:

After that video got tens of thousands of likes, other athletes started posting theirs as well.

This is called a Nordic hamstring curl — a variation of a glute ham raise. And now, more athletes have been showing off that they can do it too.

Here’s former Fordham running back and Kansas City Chiefs rookie Chase Edmonds with three reps:

Track star and U.S. Olympian Tianna T. Bartoletta one-upped Edmonds with three extra reps:

And here’s Georgia running back Mecole Hardman showing that he can go extra low:

If you haven’t exactly been to the gym in awhile, I’d suggest not trying this at home.

Clearly you have to have pretty strong hamstrings to do this, and given how painful tweaking that muscle can be, just leave this to the experts, people.