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PODCAST AIN’T PLAYED NOBODY, Paid in Mississippi edition

A special edition of PAPN talking about Steven Godfrey’s dual Mississippi project — the Foul Play video series on go90 and the corresponding written opus, Crooked Letters.

NCAA Football: Wofford at Mississippi Justin Ford-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the special Mississippi edition of PAPN, complete with a guest (SB Nation’s Brian Floyd)!


  • Cheating happens. Deal with it.
  • ”The death penalty is a figment of our imagination”
  • Why Steven Godfrey hates Michigan
  • The dynamics of the toity liberal state school and land-grant ag school rivalry (Ole Miss-MSU, Washington-Wazzu, Oklahoma-OSU, etc.)
  • MSU pulled off a perfect cheatin’ job here
  • How does this system actually ever change?
  • Ole Miss had to leave so, so, SO many stupid breadcrumbs for this to play out this way
  • Hugh Freeze’s sloppiness is why one of the sloppiest (former) coaches in football brought him down
  • In which Bill Connelly freaks Godfrey the hell out
  • You can watch Godfrey slowly dying over the course of the film
  • Fire Brooklyn into the sun