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Steve Spurrier just zapped Georgia with a quote yet again

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The Head Ball Coach loves beating the Dawgs.

NCAA Football: SEC Championship-Alabama vs Florida Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

College Football Hall of Famer Steve Spurrier pontificates on the Georgia Bulldogs:

The Head Ball Coach takes particular pride in his success against UGA.

He explained to SB Nation’s Steven Godfrey in 2017:

To tell you the truth, I’m proud of the fact I have more wins over Georgia than any other coach in history. I think I got 16, but hey, we’ve lost seven. I’ve coached against them 23 times.

(Spurrier was 11-1 against the Dawgs as Florida’s head coach and 5-6 as South Carolina’s.)

Spurrier added:

I don’t ever hear much from Georgia fans now. Most football fans, if coaches have success where they’re at, generally if you’re not coaching against their team, they’re OK with you. It’s sort of interesting, looking back.

Spurrier traces his disdain for the Dawgs to his own playing career.

The Dawgs beat his Florida Gators in 1966, the year Spurrier won the Heisman.

They beat us my senior year in college. They knocked us out; Florida had a chance to win its first-ever SEC title. We went over to Jacksonville, and they beat the crap out of us in the second half and ended up winning, 27-10, something like that. Now they completely outplayed us, wasn’t any flukes or anything like that.

But as a coach, I thought maybe I could get even with them.

He did.