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Nick Saban addresses bathing in a lake with Ivory soap and not being scared of snakes

The crucial thing is having soap that floats.

NCAA Football: Alabama A-Day Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Nick Saban owns a lake house somewhere in Tuscaloosa County, Alabama. The Alabama coach talked with some reporters on Thursday and explained part of his routine there.

Start around the 1:25 mark:

The transcript of the fun part:

You know, I like playing golf. I love the lake. I swim in the lake to take a bath in the lake every day, and everybody kills me over that. People don’t take bath in the lake. You’ve gotta have Ivory soap so it floats, you know? Miss Terriy doesn’t, you know, but I like that.

(That’s how Saban usually refers to his wife, Terri Saban, when he talks to media.) A reporter asked him if he feared snakes while bathing in nature. The coach replied: “Are you kidding me? I grew up in West Virginia. If you’re worried about snakes, you can’t do anything.”

Saban’s lake house is the subject of some folklore in both the Alabama and college football fan realms, generally. He famously uses the house to host recruits on visits:

“The first thing that really caught my eyes were a lot of diamonds, just shining in my face,” [one recruit] said. “First thing [Saban] said, ‘Oh yeah, we love jewelry here.’ All you could see was a lot of diamonds.”

But there’s more. Behind the house, once past all the all-time greats and diamonds, the property has access to a lake. To get there, a trail through the woods must be navigated. For that, there are the golf carts. Recruits say they’re parked en masse in his driveway. But, really, they’re for racing to the lake, where the recruits can hang out, swim, and ride jet skis.

Saban and a handful of his current players were recently riding on a motorboat on the lake, but they ran out of gas , and their coach had to call for help:

I’m just glad I now know how the coach cleaned up after that time on the boat.