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College football’s most punt-tastic team has a robot that, among other things, can emulate punts. Witness this robot putting up boots at Iowa’s practice facility:

With stirring precision, this robot seems to be able to launch end-over-end balls that look like punts. Our punt “returner” in the video above stands almost exactly 40 yards from the location of the robot, and our friend sends the ball pretty much right to him. He has to move just a couple of steps, and maybe that’s because of how he lined up.

Imagine the possibilities if Iowa could somehow use this bot in a game. Kirk Ferentz could wheel this thing onto the field on third-and-4 from the opponent’s 29-yard line and stick coffin corner punts right in front of the pylon all day.

But there’s more! Our new punting robot overlord is not just a punt-bot. It can also unleash accurate passes and throw a tight spiral, as exemplified here:

The robot is unquestionably a better passer than at least three or four guys who will start in the Big Ten West this season. The Hawkeyes should hook him up with a scholarship.

When the machines finally take over the world and exterminate all of humanity, the two I’m most worried about are this thing and Baylor’s robotic tackling dummy:

For now, the Hawkeyes have submitted the most quintessentially Big Ten thing of the offseason. This robot narrowly surpasses Nebraska getting a commitment from a former Division I quarterback to be a walk-on punter.