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I’m convinced Bryce Harper’s dad missed his calling as a college football strength coach

The dude is jacked, and perhaps he’s in the wrong profession.

I don’t know how much knowledge of the human body Bryce Harper’s dad, Ron, has. What I do know is that this is a man who fits the bill of one job: College football strength coach.

I mean, for God sakes, look at the man’s arms.

While he was helping his son win the Home Run Derby in front of a home crowd, I was taken aback by the comprehensive lack of neck that the man has that has. I am truly convinced that he could be your football team’s strength coach.

You don’t know what your team’s strength coach actually looks like. Who’s to say it isn’t Ron? And more importantly: Who the hell are you to tell him he isn’t literally whatever it is he says he is.

Strength coaches are dudes who smash trophies with sledgehammers as a motivational tool, and light stuff on fire pregame. They are a different breed. An extremely jacked different breed. They make strong beard statements.

What it’s all about! #TheHarpers

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And they do absurd shit like lifting monster truck tires at an advanced age.

Ron’s actually an iron worker for his day job, but if there’s a team that needs some motivation in the weight room I’m sure he could deliver it.