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Blame Oklahoma’s offense for their fight song being played 66 freaking times per game

It’s not just you, the band plays the tune a lot of times.

Baylor v Oklahoma Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images

Along with Tennessee’s “Rocky Top,” Oklahoma’s “Boomer Sooner” is one of the most ear-wormy fight songs in college sports. Like a parasite, it latches onto the brain and is not easily eradicated. But putting it into numbers, the amount of times it’s played during OU football games is stunning.

Remember that you play the fight song when something good happens for the team, and definitely when you score. In a wide-open Big 12, an electric offense like OU’s scores a lot. In case you missed it, they just rode a Heisman winning quarterback to the Playoff. That means there’s a lot of music to be played. If you’re unfamiliar with the tune, here’s the fight song for 10 hours.

Taking only the games out of that list, it’s played an average of 66 times per game. The 51 times during the Iowa State game is notable because it’s a regular season game the Sooners actually lost. But I deeply love that the season-high (88) was against Texas.

The season total of 919 tracks with the previous season, so the number’s pretty consistent.

This has nothing on the time they played it throughout an entire second half against Oklahoma State.

Then as now, OSU’s stadium had a high, white wall surrounding the field. In order to direct the band, Thrailkill stood on an aluminum ladder that sat on the artificial turf out of bounds. At some point in the game, which wasn’t going well for the Sooners, security personnel said no pass, no stay.

That was the game, remember, in which OSU took a 20-3 lead. “On his way out,” Renner said of Thrailkill, “he told someone, I’m not sure who, to ‘keep playing Boomer Sooner and don’t stop until we take the lead.’ So we did. Nonstop. For most of the second half.” Then came the Sooners’ great rally. Eighteen points in the final 11 minutes to win 21-20.

It’s definitely now stuck in your head, whether you watched that video for 10 hours or 10 seconds. You’re welcome, and Boomer Sooner