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The MAC has a badass new tradition for every time it beats a Power 5 team



During MAC football media day, commissioner Jon Steinbrecher announced the adoption of a MAC-themed pirate flag as part of the conference’s identity. This is awesome, folks.

Steinbrecher referred to the conference’s teams and players as “pirates,” and said he wants MAC teams to fly this pirate flag every time they do something significant, like upset a Power 5 team or get another kind of big non-conference win:

OK first off, I’m not sure there’s anything more badass than a pirate flag, especially for a mid-major conference’s identity, so kudos for the idea here. Like the AAC’s “Power 6” initiative to further Group of 5 teams’ relevancy with the perennial conference powers, this is the MAC’s way of standing up for itself amid revenue sports that tend to favor the bigger leagues.

The MAC is coming off of a pretty successful year. In football, 2017 marked its 10th time to have five or more programs receive a bowl bid, and its Power 5 games included wins over Nebraska, Rutgers, Kansas, and Kansas again. And in basketball, Buffalo blew out Pac-12 champion Arizona in the NCAA tournament.

Fly that pirate flag, MAC. I can’t wait to see this come to fruition.