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Hawaii’s coach has now brought Elvis and Britney Spears impersonators to media days

Hawaii brought another fake musician to the Mountain West’s media days, but there’s no oops here, folks.

Football conference media days can be boring affairs. Hawaii head coach Nick Rolovich has developed his own way of making them more fun: He just brings celebrity impersonators.

In 2017, he showed up to the Mountain West’s media days with a fake Elvis:

Now, in 2018, he’s brought along a fake Britney Spears:

I don’t think Fake Britney looks a lot like Real Britney there, but she looks more real here:

When Fake Elvis came with Rolovich in 2017, the two sang a parody of I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You that actually went “I can’t help falling in love with Hawaii.”

This year, Fake Britney is telling jokes with UH players, and I’d describe it without making you click the video if I could, but it defies explanation:

There’s a method to Rolovich’s madness.

In ‘17, he wanted to bring a monkey to media days, but settled on Elvis instead.

“It’s probably been a little over the top, but that’s to get attention to the program, to get people talking about Hawaii, that’s what I thought we needed,” Rolovich told the Idaho Statesman then. “I told the players when I first got there, I said: ‘Listen, I plan on doing a bunch of crazy stuff. Don’t listen, don’t buy in, just trying to get people talking about us. When we get on the field, that’s when we really need to make our mark.’”

The Rainbow Warriors, like any Group of 5 college football program, don’t get a ton of national attention. They play their games well after most East Coasters are asleep, so finding national exposure can be even harder for them than other mid-majors.

Maybe Rolovich will hit us, baby, one more time, and bring a Michael Jackson impersonator to this event in 2019.