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Florida Gators incident involves, among other things, a frying pan wielded as a weapon

This is a strange one.

Vanderbilt v Florida Photo by Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Well, as reported by First Coast News on July 25:

Multiple University of Florida football players face possible university discipline after an on-campus confrontation involving airsoft guns and lying to police.

The confrontation occurred at the university’s Keys Residential Complex on the evening of May 28. It involved several UF football players and a Gainesville-area gambler named Devante’ Zachery - aka “Tay Bang” - and his friends, according to a UF police report obtained by First Coast News.

Per FCN, the players involved are tight ends C’yontai Lewis and Kemore Gamble, running back Kadarius Toney, defensive tackle Kyree Campbell, receivers Tyrie Cleveland, and Rick Wells, and quarterback Emory Jones.

Here’s a video, via the Gainesville Sun, that shows some yelling and brandishing of BB guns:

After this video was released, the Gainesville Sun additionally reported that police found a real AR-15 in Toney’s vehicle:

The report said police found a black AR-15 rifle lying across the back seat of the vehicle. Toney told police he bought the rifle and had it with him “for protection because of the locals.”

No arrests or charges came from this, but this still sounds like a pretty ridiculous incident overall.

This was an unusual confrontation. Someone brought a damn frying pan.

Never forget your cookware.

The police report describes a frying pan that was found on the scene, said by witnesses to have been used by one of the players during the confrontation.

Side note: In 2008, former Washington State linebacker Andy Mattingly had the same idea:

First, they knocked. Then, Mattingly kicked in the door. The midfielder grabbed a steak knife, the goalie a butter knife. Mattingly picked up a frying pan off the stove.

The midfielder jumped out a window. This left the goalie -- Cesar Lira, 5 feet 10, armed with a butter knife -- to contend with Mattingly, a 6-4 linebacker swinging heavy kitchenware.

Weirdest of all, someone bet on the 4-7 Gators.

“Tay Bang” would call them “garbage” and would complain about losing money after he bet on football games,” the report states.

This might involve rental car discounts for student-athletes, according to someone who bet on the 4-7 Gators.

Via a July 30 follow-up report by FCN:

Zachery told police he had a good relationship with tight end C’yontai Lewis and another University of Florida football player. Zachery told police he would give them discounts on rental cars at Enterprise, according to the report. In the initial report obtained by First Coast News, Lewis was the only football player to tell police Zachery bet on football games. Lewis told police the two had a good relationship until the Gators started losing.

Above all, it’s never a good idea to paint your damn BB guns to make them resemble real guns.

“The one rifle made to look like an AR15, which Toney was carrying, had the orange tip mostly painted black making it look even more like a real rifle,” states the police incident report.

I don’t need to explain why this is some dumb shit. The players having these guns also violated UF’s student code of conduct, which prohibits the use or possession of any firearms — BB guns included.

Per the police report, the players involved have been recommended to the Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution department for “lying to university police.”

Florida coach Dan Mullen’s take:

We’ll probably update as more becomes available.