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PODCAST AIN’T PLAYED NOBODY: Punting is overrated

Kevin Kelley, the coach who never punts, joins Bill and Godfrey to talk about tactical answers to every matchup. Also: Where does OU’s home atmosphere rank?

Pulaski Academy

We did two shows this week! And this one had a guest!

The rundown:

First, Kevin Kelley, head coach of Little Rock’s Pulaski Academy, joined to talk about the urge to do different things (like never punting), winning a whole hell of a lot, getting better at football without getting better at football, the difference between read-based and progression-based passing games, and (swoon) hatred of the fade route.

Then, MAILBAG TIME (~38:00):

  • What’s in store for SDSU’s post-Rocky Long future (new stadiums, new hires, new identity)?
  • Where does OU’s home atmosphere rank among that of other powers?
  • Does Paul Johnson retire or just move down to a lower level when he’s done at Georgia Tech?
  • Is Kirby a Georgia lifer?
  • Is the Big Ten Network about to be the Pac-12 Network?
  • How to measure a coach’s confidence in his kicker.
  • Can a head coach (like Cincinnati’s Luke Fickell) undergo a total youth movement without losing the locker room or hurting recruiting?
  • Lane Kiffin is awfully happy in Boca, and Bobby Petrino’s window for moving up beyond Louisville is probably closed.
  • First G5 team to win a national title?
  • Which current coaches will be in the same job in 10 years? (Other than Kirk Ferentz.)