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The Cactus Bowl has been renamed to the CHEEZ-IT BOWL, and this is my new favorite game

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God bless you, Fiesta Bowl folks for making this happen.

Hello, there is a new glorious bowl name in town, and its replacing the Cactus Bowl, which is paid annually at Chase Field in Phoenix, Arizona. Folks, this is now called the Cheez-It Bowl, and it is absolutely glorious. LOOK AT THIS DAMN CHEEZ-IT DESERT LOGO:

Cheez-It Bowl

Here’s more from this new amazing partnership from the bowl’s release:

Cheez-It®, the number one selling cracker brand in the United States, will be the exclusive snacks partner, bringing delicious snacking experiences and flavor fun to the high-energy excitement of college football.

“For most fans, snacks are an important part of their football-watching experience, whether they are viewing at home or throwing a game day tailgate. The unique, cheesy and crunchy taste of Cheez-It® has earned a place in many fans’ game day snack traditions,” said Jeff Delonis, Marketing Director of Cheez-It®. “We’re very excited to further extend our relationship with college football through the Cheez-It® Bowl to celebrate the state of Arizona and the athletes from the Big 12 and Pac-12.”

The release includes that it’s a “multi-year” deal, but it’s unclear how long that actually is.

Even during the announcement press conference, there was this big ass Cheez-It box which was just delightful:


Oh man, I love this so much.

Per usual, the bowl will still have the traditional Big 12 and Pac-12 tie-ins — last year, Kansas State beat UCLA, 35-17, in late December. The bowl has played in a few different cities in Arizona since 1989, including Tucson and Tempe. The game is being played temporarily at Chase Field, home of the Arizona Diamondbacks, until Arizona State’s Sun Devil Stadium is renovated.

Hopefully you love this name change as much as I do. BRB, gonna go eat some Cheez-Its.