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Hello, a QB recruit is named GENERAL BOOTY, and yes, it is the greatest name ever

Booty is a sophomore at San Antonio (Texas) Cornerstone Christian School.

Hello, please be aware of perhaps the greatest in quarterback history: GENERAL BOOTY. GENERAL BOOTY (sorry, you can’t just not yell that name) is a quarterback recruit from the class of 2021 from San Antonio, Texas. Per 247Sports, he doesn’t have a star rating or ranking just yet.

But GENERAL BOOTY’s family blood runs deep with quarterbackin’, from Horns 247:

“General has a blood line that you need to follow closely. His mother is the sister of Joe Ferguson, a long time NFL quarterback with the Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions,” [Texas QB coach John] Jenkins said. “He (Ferguson) played about 20 years in the NFL. His granddad, Johnny Booty was one of the highly recruited quarterbacks coming out of America years ago from Shreveport Woodlawn, which is the same school Ferguson and Terry Bradshaw (NFL Hall of Fame – 1989) went to.”

“His dad (Abram Booty), who I still think holds records at LSU for receiver, is an NFL guy. His uncle, John David Booty played in the NFL and Josh Booty, his uncle, was in the NFL and played Major League Baseball.”

Here’s his freshman highlight tape from last season:

Let’s just say Twitter was quite pumped to learn of this hell of a name:

God bless you, Booty’s parents, for naming your son GENERAL BOOTY — we have the utmost respect for your decision. We’ll see where the Texas QB ends up, but wherever he does, people probably won’t stop loving this name.