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‘This isn’t a haircut. It’s a lifestyle,’ plus 2 other things this Memphis linebacker wants you to know about his mullet

Jackson Dillon makes a handful of important points.

Meet Memphis Tigers linebacker Jackson Dillon and his mullet

In that video, your new friend Jackson Dillon says each of these things about his mullet.

1. “The mullet, man, you just let it flow. Business in the front, party in the back. Hey, and there ain’t a whole lot to it.”



2. “You’ll think I have a ‘69 Camaro out in the parking lot, blaring some Motley Crue or something.”

You sure will.

3. “This isn’t a haircut. It’s a lifestyle. You’ve gotta have a Busch Light in your hand and an American flag. That’s basically how it is.”

A cut like that only works if you’re willing to commit to it.

For Dillon, the mullet is a significant change.

This was how he looked in his official Memphis headshot in 2017:

Before, he looked like a bank teller who could also play football. Now, he looks like a football player who could also hunt rattlesnakes or take a summer job at an amusement park in a 1990s summer comedy, among many other jobs. The mullet offers an array of life paths.

Dillon’s dealt with injuries over the last few years, and he’ll be a sixth-year senior for the Tigers in 2018. The last time he played a full season was 2015, when he had 37 tackles, including six for a loss. Having him and his mullet back will be great for Mike Norvell’s team.