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People in this kinda NSFW NC State GIF, ranked

5. Mirrored Shades Guy

Good energy. Terrible framing.

Needs his own spinoff GIF to properly evaluate his talents.

4. The GO PACK guy

Intensity is consistent and unrivalled in this GIF. Sort of one-dimensional, though, and needs more backstory.

Also concerned for the structural integrity of those bulging veins. He might want to take a breather.

3. Plain Black Shades Guy

Strong enthusiasm.

Good range, as he does both a “WOO” and a “YEAHHHH.” Kind of hiding his obvious range behind the shades, though. Needs a chance to show just how multiple his talents really are.

2. Eatin’ From A Big Ol’ Bowl Guy

The pantomimes are first-class, but let’s salute the a.) unceasing consistent energy, and b.) fortress-like hairstyle. That’s a well-lacquered butt-cut you can bounce a quarter off of with a satisfying pinging noise.

1. Girl Jilling Off In The General Direction of the Opposition: A Case for Monarchy

A queen and a noble, precisely the kind of fan you need and want with you in the foxhole of intense competition. So intent on victory and so fierce that they’ll cross both the lines of common public decency and the laws of human anatomy. Let college football attendance numbers decline all you like. As long as she’s there, no team really needs anyone else in the stands.