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Hello, Boise State has a TURNOVER THRONE, and it’s amazing

This is next-level, folks.

Boise State football will have a brand new prop on the sidelines during the 2018 season. In Week 1, the Broncos debuted their new TURNOVER THRONE for Boise State defenders to sit in after they force a turnover.

Boise State has used turnover props before — last season, the Broncos had an epic turnover bike on the sidelines for defenders to ride.

Yes, the hottest ride around is a spruced-up white BMX bike with a gold seat, gold streamers and a gold mini football on the handlebars. It even includes a king’s crown to wear and a flag on the back that reads, “It’s All About The Ball.”

“The defensive staff ... tried to come up with a new, fresh idea to keep it exciting, creating takeaways in practice,” cornerbacks coach Jeff Popovich said. “(Defensive coordinator Andy) Avalos had an extra bike at the facility. ... We’d talked about giving guys rewards at various times through practice the last couple years.”

Popovich said the staff designed it together after agreeing on the new reward. A sign on the side of the bike reflects the attitude the defense is trying to incorporate — “King of Chaos.”

Turnover and sideline props aren’t uncommon nowadays. There’s a whole bunch of them that teams use, like trash cans, spiked shoulder pads, belts, and of course, turnover chains. This one from Boise though, seems pretty original, and fun!

Hopefully Boise State gets a lot of turnovers this season so we get to see the throne being used quite a bit!