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Virginia Tech and ECU are 2018’s hurricane game mini-spat

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It was apparently the Pirates call to cancel the Week 3 game with the Hokies. VT has some opinions about that.

North Carolina State v Virginia Tech Photo by Michael Shroyer/Getty Images

It seems like every year now, September college games are being postponed or outright cancelled due to the threat of a hurricane. And when that happens, sometimes there are some organizational differences of opinion between both programs.

This year, the mantle belongs to ECU and Virginia Tech. Their 2018 Week 3 game in Blacksburg isn’t in the direct path of Hurricane Florence. Greenville is. Its mayor has declared a state of emergency and time is of the essence for the Pirates. The game has since been cancelled. But it’s pretty clear the Hokies are saying ECU was the catalyst for the decision.

And take a look at the wording Virginia Tech’s social media account uses to announce the news ...

... and the not so subtle follow-up tweet that has since been deleted.

Virginia Tech Instagram

Virginia Tech is not the first program to take shots at a foe during hurricane game negotiation. Florida and LSU had an all-out war of words during their 2016 Hurricane Matthew cancellation back and forth. Arkansas State literally took Miami to court over payouts regarding their 2017 game cancelled due to Hurricane Irma.

These situations can get chippy between athletic departments, but keeping people safe should always be the paramount concern, and there there’s nothing wrong with caution when lives are at stake.