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The College Football Empires Map, where an army of Tigers is the new No. 1 in land

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Each FBS team started the season in control of its immediate area. And each week, winning teams gain more and more land.

Welcome to Week 4 of the 2018 College Football Empires Map.

To begin the season, each FBS team was given control of its surrounding territory. Each game that involves one or two teams with territory results in the winner claiming all of it. Results carry on week to week, so teams are always in the process of trying to regain or expand land. For more detailed rules, check out Week 1’s explanation.

Here’s the updated map, with notes to follow.

Week 3’s largest land exchanges

  • The Aztecs of San Diego State launched a full-scale assault against General Herm Edwards’ Arizona State Sun Devils and took control of several large territories throughout the country.
  • The BYU Cougars not only had the largest upset of the season but also took control of land in New Mexico and Wisconsin with their win over the Badgers.
  • LSU’s win over Auburn gave the Tigers (the LSU ones) control over Alaska (which Auburn won from Washington), vaulting them into first in how much land is owned.
  • Alabama took over one of the largest territories (Texas Tech’s) by putting down the Rebels of Ole Miss.

Several previously eliminated teams found their way back onto the map

  • Miami found a new home in Northern Ohio as the Canes took over Toledo’s land with their win on Saturday. At least it’s still touching water.
  • The Temple Owls ended up one territory away from their original home with their win over Maryland and also took over Texas’ original territory.
  • Virginia, UAB, Florida, BYU, Texas A&M, Washington, and San Diego State also found themselves back on the map after Week 3.

Other interesting changes

  • Army expanded its territory from sea to shining sea with their victory over the Rainbow Warriors of Hawaii. Rumors have surfaced that Army launched a surprise attack and invaded Hawaii while they were still asleep (the game in West Point kicked off at 6 a.m. Hawaii time).
  • Washington State didn’t get their defensive strategy confused this time against Eastern Washington and took control of some of the New Mexico-Texas border.
  • Towson became the newest FCS team to take land with its win over Villanova.
  • Notre Dame now leads the country with six territories, having possession of Vanderbilt, MTSU, Nevada, Michigan, Ball State, and the Irish’s own starting territory.

Here is how this season has progressed so far:

And here are the updated standings

Most land area:

  1. LSU, 628,456
  2. Washington State, 351,554
  3. San Diego State, 218,548
  4. Minnesota, 215,118
  5. Alabama, 151,867
  6. BYU, 141,094
  7. Oklahoma State, 136,662
  8. Notre Dame, 114,210
  9. Stanford, 111,186
  10. Cal, 106,696

Most American counties:

  1. Alabama, 188
  2. Minnesota, 185
  3. Washington State, 140
  4. Colorado, 128
  5. Iowa, 121
  6. Notre Dame, 117
  7. BYU, 117
  8. Kentucky, 106
  9. San Diego State, 96
  10. LSU, 94

Most population:

  1. Stanford, 29,103,150
  2. Ohio State, 23,290,710
  3. Duke, 18,509,389
  4. Boston College, 14,996,319
  5. South Florida, 14,658,163
  6. San Diego State, 12,094,585
  7. Minnesota, 9,363,361
  8. Notre Dame, 9,162,960
  9. Temple, 8,866,487
  10. Cal, 8,433,164

Week 4 features nine games in which territories will be joined together

  • FAU and UCF kick off the Empire games on Friday night, fighting for land in New York, Colorado, and Florida.
  • Alabama and Texas A&M will play for most of the state of Mississippi and the right to almost completely surround the winner of Mississippi State-Kentucky.
  • Stanford and Oregon will fight for possession of seven territories in the presence of College GameDay, putting the winner tied for first in territories owned (with the winners of Alabama-Texas A&M and the winner of Army-Oklahoma).
  • Georgia-Missouri, LSU-Louisiana Tech, Mississippi State-Kentucky, Texas Tech-Oklahoma State, and NC State-Marshall also feature two teams who both have land.
  • This week will reduce the teams with land from 52 down to 43, in addition to upsets.

We’re also keeping track of a version of the Empires Map started in 2017.

In that timeline, two teams found their way back onto the map this week.

  • The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame found their pots of gold and a new home in Las Vegas as they took UNLV’s original land from Vanderbilt.
  • Oklahoma State snagged land in Arizona and New Mexico with their win over Boise State.
  • Louisiana Tech is the only team on the historic map not favored to win in Week 4.
  • If Ohio State and Penn State both win this week, next week will be the largest Empires game yet.

Historic Map Progression since Beginning of 2018 Season:

Historic Empires Map (2017-2018) Standings

Rank Team Territories Counties Population Land Area
Rank Team Territories Counties Population Land Area
1 Ohio State 31 911 96,339,183 1,616,013
2 Penn State 31 752 63,827,669 603,230
3 Alabama 24 650 48,571,317 505,978
4 UCF 13 187 34,100,581 138,784
5 South Florida 10 240 20,350,361 196,041
6 Duke 6 126 12,142,281 113,022
7 Louisiana Tech 5 120 13,303,556 66,228
8 North Dakota State 3 56 3,880,765 30,997
9 Oklahoma State 3 17 11,161,966 106,585
10 Oklahoma 2 32 3,700,840 22,915
11 Virginia Tech 1 44 4,483,416 55,555
12 Notre Dame 1 8 4,568,651 79,789