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Brisket-lovin’ Jimbo Fisher would go vegan for a year to beat Alabama

Yes, you read that right.

NCAA Football: UL Monroe at Texas A&M John Glaser-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M takes on Alabama Saturday afternoon in Tuscaloosa, and for the second season in a row, we get a Jimbo Fisher vs. Nick Saban matchup. Ahead of the game, Fisher was asked whether or not he’d be vegan for a year if it meant beating the Tide:

Vegans don’t eat meat, fish, or poultry of any kind, including no animal byproducts such as eggs or dairy. Not to mention Texans love barbecue; that’s just a fact of life. Texans also love football — asking them to choose between one of the other is an extremely tough one. So yeah, this vegan thing would be a pretty big commitment.

Speaking of brisket!

Note that he said that before taking the TAMU job, so I’m pretty sure he was always destined to end up in BBQ-loving Texas, TBH.

Over the summer, there was also a rumor that Fisher wanted to start his own jerky business. It turned out to just be an elaborate hoax orchestrated by his son Trey:

Before the first question could be asked, a smiling Fisher blurted: “Let’s set the record straight. I don’t want to have my own jerky company.”

Uh, OK. Is this something we need to correct?

”Yeah, you do need to correct it,” Fisher said, his smile expanding to a laugh. “I mean, I like beef jerky, but I ain’t trying to open up no damn company. How about that?”

Alabama is currently a 26-point favorite at home against the Aggies. Fisher and Saban met last year in Atlanta in college football’s biggest opening game ever (by the pregame rankings, at least), and the Tide won, 24-7.

If Fisher is able to pull off an upset on Saturday, Fisher’s definitely gonna celebrate with some barbecue I’d bet.

BRB, getting some brisket.