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LSU’s having more fun with this turnover towel than Miami is with their turnover chain

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This was bound to happen at some point this season, and it happened in the first half of the first game.

Miami’s turnover chain is the most well-known piece of sideline garb in college football. It’s a staple of their defense, and one that is admired by many across college football. But it also puts them up for prime roasting.

Sunday night against LSU, the Tigers’ Jacob Phillips intercepted a Malik Rosier pass, and returned it 45 yards for a touchdown to make it a 27-3 game.

Then, came the mocking of the turnover chain with a towel.

Powerade has to be happy with that free close-up.

The towel is a good way to poke at Miami, and with this being the game of the night on a long weekend, surely there are other teams, players, and coaches onlooking to top LSU’s “towel chain.” The creativity is going to be something to look for all season, and could get stupid fun.

The turnover chain is good! But it can also be a great weapon against The U.

As of now, Miami is currently Not Back.