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Ever-innovative Nebraska just invented the volleyball safety

The Cornhuskers are a volleyball school anyway.

Football is clearly not Nebraska’s strong suit these days — they went to halftime down 39-0 to Michigan — so it’s fortunate that the Huskers have a vibrant volleyball program that is a five-time national champion.

The football team is clearly borrowing tactics from the ladies to use on the gridiron, but if you’re going to pull off a bump-set-spike, it’s gotta be not in your own end zone.

That’s Adrian Martinez, trying to make something out of nothing, and unintentionally throwing two forward passes on one play. That’s a penalty. When you do it in the end zone, it’s a safety. Nebraska should have taken a page out of Houston’s book, which includes throwing two forward passes on one play last week and getting away with it somehow.

It also should be stated that this isn’t a clear-cut safety, but the refs didn’t appear to have a better angle to judge this play. They usually give the offensive team the benefit of the doubt on safeties plays, but not here.

Perhaps the refs were not aware of Nebraska’s pivot to volleyball, and are therefore not judging them by volleyball rules. But even if they were, this would be against the rules on the court. According to the rules of volleyball, Martinez catching the ball would be an illegal service.

Big Red isn’t doing anything right against Michigan, whether it’s volleyball or football.