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Virginia Tech has even more roster attrition after dismissing one of its leading tacklers

Defensive end Trevon Hill is off the team in a surprise move by the Hokies.

Virginia Tech v Florida State Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The loss against Old Dominion was one thing for for Virginia Tech, but then things got worse. On Sunday morning, the Hokies dismissed junior defensive lineman Trevon Hill from the program.

This is not good, because Hill led the team in tackles for loss and was an integral cog in the Hokies D.

Our friends at Gobbler Country have their take on what happened.

Not to go full speculation mode, but Hill’s dismissal may have been the cumulative effect of multiple actions and yesterday was the final straw for Fuente. I don’t think that the head coach would make a rash decision in as serious a situation as this. In his quote, the head coach also consulted with other staff, which likely means Bud Foster agreed with this action as well.

And even weirder still was Hill’s Twitter account, which doesn’t lead you to believe he was disenchanted with the way the program was going. That seemed like normal bulletin board material to motivate a player to get better after a loss.

Virginia Tech has had a huge amount of attrition this season. Before the Hokies played a snap in the 2018 season, they were already dealing with multiple players being lost to either injury, academic ineligibility, or transfer. It wasn’t pretty, but defensive coordinator Bud Foster was able to get the unit playing well in the the Week 1 win over Florida State.

That task now gets harder for the rest of the season.