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‘The Office’ cast members loved LSU’s awesome tribute to their show

My God this is beautiful.

LSU beat Louisiana Tech on Sept. 22, but the Tigers’ win wasn’t the only highlight on the field. At halftime, LSU’s band played the theme song from the former NBC show The Office. Folks, as someone who watches this show pretty constantly*, it was absolutely phenomenal:

*By pretty constantly I mean basically always.

The performance was so good, in fact, that the video of the cover reached several of the show’s cast members, who loved it. Steve Carell, who played Michael Scott on the show, thought it was great:

Here’s John Krasinski, who played Jim Halpert:

Ed Helms, who played Andy Bernard on the show, and Brian Baumgartner, who was cast as Kevin Malone’s character both liked it, too:

Side note: Does Baumgartner really not know what LSU is? But I digress. Angela Kinsey, who played Angela Martin, also gave it a shoutout:

The show’s Twitter account, which is still active even though the show isn’t on television anymore, also appreciated the marching band’s cover:

LSU appreciated all the love, too.

The whole show is great, too. It’s a tribute to binge-watchable TV shows:

Kudos to you, LSU band, this was so dope. An Office aficionado like me can’t help but love this so much. In the words of Steve Carrell, “my heart soars with the eagle’s nest.”