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This deleted Ohio State graphic was tone deaf

In football context, it made sense. But the Buckeyes have to be aware of other contexts right now.

Ohio State is playing at Penn State in Saturday’s biggest game, where the Nittany Lions are having the crowd wear white. The whiteout is a PSU tradition.

The Buckeyes made a graphic that, under most circumstances, would be a clever counter to “white noise”. It has since been deleted, but here’s a screencap of the image:

OSU released a statement regarding the graphic, which was subsequently deleted as well.

At the moment, “silence” has an additional connotation, beyond shushing a crowd of fans.

Despite Urban Meyer’s press releases and statements in interviews, we’ll probably never know for certain exactly what the Meyer family knew and communicated about domestic violence allegations against former assistant Zach Smith. Based on since-verified text messages, it’s clear Meyer’s wife knew and sympathized, but Meyer has denied she passed the information along to him.

According to the reporting that originally surfaced those text messages, others around the program knew and indicated they believed Meyer knew as well.

Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith has said no one informed him of Smith’s 2009 arrest before Meyer hired him two years later.

In response to a media report about Smith, Meyer’s first reaction was to delete a batch of text messages, according to Ohio State’s investigation. Meyer’s since denied this.

A week prior to this graphic, Meyer returned from his partial suspension for his handling of Smith, then had few exculpatory explanations to give ESPN in an interview that aired all weekend.

This is promo art for a big game. But it was not a smart fit for Ohio State’s situation as a program.