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Mike Leach’s Washington State just won with no rushing yards. Again.

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The box score is art, but a crime against the game of football means it’s not technically valid.

NCAA Football: Washington State at Wyoming Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

By God, Washington State has done it.

That’s it, the box score that shows that Washington State won a football game against Utah by rushing for zero (cero, nil, nullset, nada, zilch) yards ... officially.

The realists among us will cite the fact that when adjusted for sacks, the rushing total is 19-yards, and that kneeldowns are a chief reason why the total is zero because Wazzu lost yards on those well. Washington State actually beat Arizona State with negative-52 rushing yards when sacks and kneeldowns are included back in 2016. The fact that sacks are included in college football rushing yardage total may be statistical malpractice, but ... just let me have this please.

Triple option teams have been able to do the exact opposite in recent years.

This is the lovely air raid equivalent to that, and the funny thing is that the Cougars have actually been running the ball pretty well this season by their standards. With three games this season over 75 yards, they’ve actually used the ground game. But, not so much against Utah