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Every single touchdown Rutgers has ever scored against Ohio State, ranked

The Scarlet Knights have a rich tradition of not scoring much against the Big Ten East’s best teams.

Rutgers v Ohio State Photo by Jamie Sabau/Getty Images

In the storied history of college football, Rutgers has played Ohio State four times.

Despite being pretty close regionally, the two had never met before the Scarlet Knights joined the Big Ten in 2014.

The Buckeyes had never scheduled Rutgers as a bodybag opponent throughout the decades, and there was little chance the Scarlet Knights were ever going to meet OSU in a bowl.

But now that the two have met five times, the Scarlet Knight offense has contributed mightily to series history.

Ohio State has combined to outscore Rutgers 166-3 in their last three games, and 271-27 in the five games they’ve played in total. There were RU touchdowns to speak of in the first two games between the two teams.

So let’s rank all of Rutgers’ touchdowns against Ohio State, ever.

3. 2014’s second touchdown

Score before the TD: Ohio State 56, Rutgers 10
Time remaining: 15 minutes
Final score: Ohio State 56, Rutgers 17

Think about it: did Rutgers really have to score this touchdown? Of course not. They could have taken their medicine and got right on the plane home with only one touchdown to their name. Yet they did not. They chose to stand up and fight.

I’m impressed with this resilience.

2. 2015’s only touchdown

Score before the TD: Ohio State 49, Rutgers 0
Time remaining: 13 seconds
Final score: Ohio State 49, Rutgers 7

There is a certain fortitude needed for a touchdown like this. Down 49-0 at home, most teams would have long folded. No — not Rutgers. The Scarlet Knights dug deep from the depths of their souls to come up with one score. This is a touchdown about self respect.

Look how excited the mascot is in the end zone.

Even Brutus the Buckeye got into it.

This is a touchdown of honor.

1. 2014’s first touchdown

Score before the TD: Ohio State 14, Rutgers 0
Time remaining: Like three whole quarters
Final score: Ohio State 56, Rutgers 17

To cap off a 10 play, 66-yard drive, the Scarlet Knights plunged into the end zone to actually come within one score. It was a blustery touchdown, befitting a team that’d recently joined the Big Ten.

We’ll update this post if Rutgers ever scores on Ohio State again.