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Will Muschamp’s passionate clapping got confused for a timeout

It... kinda looked like a timeout call!

Will Muschamp got a timeout he didn’t want in the first quarter of South Carolina’s game against Georgia. But it’s kind of hard to blame the officials on this one.

Muschamp was clapping with vigor, and a side judge thought he was signaling for a timeout. Here was Muschamp making his case:

To be fair, that does look an awful lot like when coaches are trying to get a quick timeout in, even though that probably wouldn’t have been a situation that he would have wanted one in. You have to imagine that looks even more like a timeout call from a distance.

That’s also one of those super half-ass claps where you’re clapping more for the signal that it sends to whoever is receiving it as opposed to actually trying to make noise. We’ve all been there — even if the room or stadium around you was dead quiet, it’s barely making a noise.

The referees are lucky that Muschamp was relatively cool about it. We’ve seen in the past that there have been other times, well, he looks full of rage:

Muschamp will probably think twice before he throws up another one of those half-ass claps again. Or maybe not, who knows!