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Kansas football just won a road game for the first time since THE YEAR 2009


Nicholls v Kansas Photo by Ed Zurga/Getty Images


The Jayhawks traveled to Central Michigan to take on the Chippewas, looking to snap the 46-game road losing streak that dated back to 2009.

That long streak was finally broken as Kansas took down Central Michigan, 31-7. The Jayhawks went to the locker room with a 7-0 lead, and then scored 24 points in the second half to make it an even bigger lead.

Sure, Kansas may have had a losing season each year since 2009, but the road streak just added to the running joke that’s been Kansas football for the past decade. But getting past this infamous streak is a start.

In 2009, Kansas beat UTEP on the road, which has stood as the last road win for the Jayhawks for years. How long is a 46-game road losing streak exactly?

Rock Chalk Talk shows us just how long it’s been beautifully:

283,651,200 seconds

4,727,520 minutes

78,792 hours

3,283 days

649 weeks

8 years, 11 months, and 27 days since Kansas football last won a road game.

Let’s just round up and call it nine years.

Poor UTEP. Who wants to be known as the last school to lose a home game to Kansas? On Sept 12, 2009, KU had 576 yards of offense while the defense held UTEP to negative rushing yards for over three quarters. Kansas won 34-7.

Since then, the Jayhawks have lost 46 consecutive road games, a number which doesn’t include three neutral site losses to Missouri. If KU continues to add to its NCAA record - and that’s all of the NCAA, regardless of competition level - “The Streak” could be up there with the likes of DiMaggio, Ripken, and 14 Straight.

Also ...

... and more fun facts, from The Garden City Telegram.

-Marvel Studios had only released two feature-length films in its cinematic universe. It has since released 18 new flicks in the super-powered franchise.

- Recording artists Drake, Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande had yet to release their first studio albums. The three have since released 13 combined studio albums and contributed to 11 No. 1 singles and 52 top-10 hits on the Billboard Top 100.

- Uber had yet to give its first ride. It has now hosted more than 10 billion rides worldwide.

Even the Lawrence, Kansas police got in on the fun:

“Somebody is going to break it,” Kansas coach David Beaty said before a road game against Ohio last year. “Might as well be us. Might as well be this week.”

There were times when it looked like the streak was about to be broken. In 2015, The Jayhawks entered a 46.5-point underdog against TCU, and almost pulled off the upset. But a late interception thrown by KU with the Jayhawks already down six gave the Horned Frogs a 23-17 victory.

In 2009, after the win over UTEP, the Jayhawks lost a close one to Colorado 34-30, unable to counter a Buffs TD midway through the fourth.

“It’s hard to fathom, because it has been a while,” former KU receiver Kerry Meier said via The Kansas City Star last season. “But the best part about it is … the next game is the most important.”

Congrats, Kansas. Hopefully it doesn’t take another nine years to win a road game again.