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FSU has a backpack for a sideline trophy, and it’s exactly as lame as it sounds

This ain’t it.

To the long, long, long list of sideline props throughout college football, we now add Florida State’s ... backpack:

Now that Tennessee no longer has the legendary turnover trash can, I feel pretty confident in saying this is the country’s new worst celebratory prop.


What does it contain?

What if the turnover backpack conceals a far better turnover trophy?

What if there are MANY very good turnover trophies inside the turnover backpack?

Maybe there’s a turnover stack of $100 bills in there. Maybe there’s a turnover XBox One. Maybe a stack of schoolbooks! Student-athletes need those.

Technically, FSU’s referring to it as The Bag to be Secured, as in the popular phrase Secure The Bag, so I guess we’ll see if this one catches on at some point when the Noles aren’t losing to FCS Samford.

Previously, current FSU head coach Willie Taggart’s Oregon briefly had one of the poorest-reviewed turnover gadgets of 2017: a swaggerless chain that called to mind Miami’s, albeit a chain that wasn’t furnished by Oregon itself.