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The entire 2018 college football season, recapped in hundreds of tweets

Relive the season online, Saturday by Saturday.

Wisconsin v Michigan Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

History may remember 2018 as season short on chaos, at least until Alabama lost the National Championship by 28 points. But social media won’t remember it like that.

From Week 0 all the way to the end, college football reminded us why it is the most unique sport on the planet. You just had to look in the right place.

That place is now here, where I’ve catalogued the wacky, zany, and memorable moments the season had to offer, almost entirely via tweet.

Week 0

The real ones know college football season starts before Week 1.

Week 1

The in-game emergence of Kyler Murray, a postgame WRASSLIN’ match, and some trolling between both of 2017’s national champions. The season got started off with a bang.

Week 2

Kansas won a road game, and Kentucky beat Florida. I’ll let you decide for yourself which one of those is more shocking.

Week 3

Fuck them.

Week 4

Feet were the theme this week. Wake Forest lost a kicker while Alabama found one. And a legend was born while Oklahoma almost lost to Army.

Oh, and in unrelated news: Tennessee fans got pissed.

Week 5

It was wedding weekend in college football. And for a brief moment in time, it looked like Clemson had royally screwed up.

Week 6

The start of a series of weeks in which it is nearly impossible to remember significant results. Everything blurred together, and the season did sorta begin to slog.

Week 7

Urban Meyer got a nose job. So did Washington’s mascot.

Week 8

College. Game. Day. In. Pullman.

Week 9

You thought there was only one notable fan bibliophile this season? You thought wrong.

Week 10

Week 11

David Cutcliffe is here to steal your girl.

Week 12

Earlier, we had feet, but this was a week for hands. Rutgers’ QB needs some. Horns went down, and so did a reporter.

Week 13

Somewhere, Coach O is still yet to dry off while LSU and A&M play yet another overtime.

Championship Weekend

LES BACK. And a reminder that Hell hath no fury like a southern belle while her team is losing.


And finally, the top 10 moments of bowl season, ranked.

No. 1 through No. 10, repeating:

That’s the whole top 10.

Let’s do it again next year, shall we?