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Is this why Texas had a play called ‘GO F*** YOURSELF B****’?

For four straight games, the Longhorns had the play call on their wrist bands.

Here’s an undoctored photo of Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger from the Sugar Bowl win over Georgia:

Allstate Sugar Bowl - Texas v Georgia Photo by Sean Gardner/Getty Images

And here’s something several internet subscribers noticed about the list of plays on his wrist band (flipped right side up). Look at play No. 8’s name:

But that’s not all! Texas did this in three other games too.

Here was December 1 against Oklahoma:

November 23 against Kansas:

And November 17 against Iowa State:

The best part of that photo: Ehlinger was hugging the state governor at the time.

Iowa State v Texas Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

That Iowa State game was actually the first time Texas had “GO FUCK YOURSELF BITCH” on its wrist bands.

Here was the prior week against Texas Tech:

And it wasn’t in any prior weeks that I can find. Here was Week 1 against Maryland, for example:

Wait, didn’t something happen involving Texas in the week before the Iowa State game? A lot of profanities involved?

You bet!

The Sunday night before Texas played Iowa State, a former colleague of Tom Herman’s — fired Ohio State assistant Zach Smith — unleashed a huge Twitter rant, accusing Herman of infidelity and so forth. I can’t find the exact quote “go fuck yourself, bitch” among all of Smith’s ramblings, but those words would definitely be along the same line as his various statements.

So it’s quite possible that the “go fuck yourself, bitch” on Texas’ wrist bands is a reference of some sort to this Smith rant.

Especially since Texas adopted Herman’s “ok, cool. Hook ‘em” response to Smith as a rallying cry immediately afterward:

What’s this play?

I do not know and look forward to finding out.

I would guess one meaningful clue is that it comes in between the list of actual football plays and the list of situational tactics like centering the ball for a field goal and taking knees to kill clock. So I’m assuming 8 is something like a call to spike the ball to stop the clock, but that’s just a guess. It could be a trick play. It could just be something for Ehlinger to bark out in the huddle when everyone needs to dig down deep and tell the other team to go fuck itself.

While this is a new one, as far as the internet’s aware, using oddball play names is a common strategy.

Those goofy signs on the sideline during college football games are goofy because funny things are easy for players to remember.

Also, “GO FUCK YOURSELF BITCH” just happened to sum up the mindset for both Texas mascot Bevo in pregame ...

... and the Horns themselves, once the game got going.