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Auburn’s QB wasted no time in making some sweet tea money

Get paid!

Auburn quarterback Bo Nix wasted no time in getting paid, posting his first paid endorsement at 12:01 a.m. on the first day NCAA players could make money off their name.

Nix already has his QVC display hands down. He’s been training for this moment. An opportunity to extol the virtues of plastic bottled sweet tea on the world, which is difficult to do because most bottled tea tastes like sugared dish water.

This is the result of new NIL laws that allow athletes to profit off their name and likeness for the first time. So, for him, taking that sweet, sweet tea money was too good to pass up.

We’re going to see more of this, and I’m here for it. It’ll be a chance not only to see athletes get paid, but lead to some amazing local advertising we wouldn’t be aware of if a sports star wasn’t attached. Like the Alexander Ovechkin’s “Eastern Motors” ads in D.C.

It’s a beautiful new era.