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I ate a banana with the peel on like Kentucky QB Will Levis

Will it taste good? Will I gag? Let’s find out!

When video emerged of Kentucky QB Will Levis eating a banana, peel and all, I knew what was about to happen. It started with a Slack ping, “James is doing this, right?” and here we are.

Let’s rewind a little and appreciate Levis eating the banana with the peel on like a maniac.

Accompanied with the line “I don’t fear the brown spots on bananas. They fear me,” Levis munched down on the leathery fruit sack like it was nothing. It was almost like he enjoyed the tasty treat. I’ve eaten bananas for years, but never felt compelled to eat them with the peel on — but I knew what had to be done.

In preparation for this I did some research and learned some #BananaFacts. It turns out health gurus have been advocating for people to eat banana peels for years, but there’s some contentious debate amongst the banana community. Yes, there is potassium and fiber in a banana peel — but banana scientists tend to think the amounts aren’t significant enough to justify eating the peel, especially considering commercial pesticides that are used on the majority of store-bought bananas.

There is also a valid argument about food waste, but these same scientists acknowledge that banana peels make for excellent compost, possessing huge benefits to soil. So, in the long run you might be better off just enjoying the best part of the banana — and leaving the rest for the ground.

Anyway, I ate it. It didn’t taste good. Sorry for gagging on a banana on camera.