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Miami’s turnover chain mishap was the funniest moment of college football’s opening weekend


Miami got utterly crushed by Alabama 44-13 in the opening week of college football. The game asserted Alabama’s dominance, crushed Miami’s fleeting dreams of hubris, and gave us one of the funniest moments we’re likely to see all season.

Miami’s turnover chain is generally a delight. A way to appreciate players making huge plays that often get overlooked in the box score. However, I’ve still got to feel like there’s a time and a place for the chain, and whipping that bad boy out when you’re down 27-0 ain’t it. It would be like wearing some designer Tiffany earrings to the Oscars after you slipped in a pile of dog feces on the red carpet. Sure, those earrings are nice — but everyone is going to be looking at your poop-covered gown.

Also, you should probably check to make sure you actually got the turnover before awarding the chain, so you can avoid stuff like this. Two dejected dudes solemnly returning the chain to its storage location, hoping it might see the light again — but knowing, deep down, that everything is still a horrible mess.

Thank you for this memory Miami, I will cherish it all season long.