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Lane Kiffin trolls reports of him leaving to take the Auburn job

Lane is always posting, and if you spread information that may be false about him he will fire back with memes

Alabama v Ole Miss Photo by Justin Ford/Getty Images

Much like the rest of us, Lane Kiffin is extremely online.

Kiffin posts memes, reports about other coaches (namely Nick Saban), and the occasional Bible verse just to keep the account wholesome.

Yesterday, Kiffin was involved in a bombshell rumor that he was leaving Oxford to take the head coaching job at Auburn. The rumor, posted to Twitter by WCBI News Sports Director Jon Sokoloff on Monday night, also said that sources haven’t confirmed that Auburn has offered the job to anyone yet, so yeah it was a real odd tweet too.

Of course, being as extremely online as Lane Kiffin is, he saw this rumor and had to respond. Kiffin responded in only a way that he could: in a series of tweets both denying the rumor and making fun of the reporter that started said rumor.

It started with this, Kiffin posting about some “late night reading” at 7:00 p.m. Central time. Mind you, the inside of the book is talking about the “boosters who demand to know every stat.” He’s also reading about the Egg Bowl, the game Sokoloff was saying Kiffin was leaving after.

Then, Kiffin officially denied the rumor in a tweet fired off 45 minutes later, keeping it simple. The emoji usage here is also hilarious, because of the random plate emoji.

Then, Lane Kiffin created a fake news report saying that Sokoloff was leaving HIS job to take a different one. Almost verbatim to the tweet Sokoloff fired, Kiffin created the rumor than posted it to Twitter. Obviously, it isn’t true but the dedication it takes to this level of trolling is hilarious. He even took the time to print it out on a piece of paper!

The funniest part of all of this is that Kiffin could still take the job at Auburn. Getting out in front of a rumor started by a local Mississippi reporter is basically Kiffin shutting down any rumor by a smaller source, but he could still leave Ole Miss. It wouldn’t even be the most egregious time an Ole Miss coach left for Auburn!

This rumor was more than likely just reported too early, but Kiffin shutting it down using a rumor he printed out is hilarious.