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Notre Dame’s uniform reveal video is the movie we never knew we needed

Channeling ‘The Hangover’ was so perfect for this.

I swear I didn’t have “Notre Dame doing something incredibly cool” on my bingo card for 2022, but here we are. On Wednesday the Irish released a video revealing their Shamrock Series uniforms in Las Vegas later this year, and it soared above everyone’s wildest expectations.

Part action movie, mostly homage to The Hangover, head coach Marcus Freeman, defensive end Isaiah Foskey and tight end Michael Mayer teamed up for a trip into the desert to meet some confidential informants with the new uniforms. Slow rolling the guest stars paid off, as Mike Golic Sr. and Mike Golic Jr. climbed out of their SUV to take a bag of cash off the trio and race away.

What makes this all tick is the comedic timing from everyone involved. Golic Jr. is a delight, and I defy you not to laugh when he makes his little scream as the cash bag is hurled his way. Hell, even the current Notre Dame players have some chops, with Mayer closing the video saying he can’t participate in an Ocean’s Eleven style heist because he has tickets to see the Jonas Brothers.

As for the uniforms themselves: They’re fire. It’s an all-white look with gold lettering and a classic Vegas-style font. All topped off with a gold helmet, which we see earlier in the video.

It’s silly to sink so much production into a video revealing a uniform, but if they’re creative like this and include people who obviously care — then we get magic like this.