ODB Rewind: Neutering the Terriers

Welcome to the first week of our look back on the 2013 football season. Each week we will re-watch, in order, our Bears earn their first ever Big XII Championship. Relive the moments that brought...

Big 12 No-Huddle: Baylor vs. Wofford

Might actually be better quality than we got in the telecast this past weekend.

Grade Reports: Baylor vs. Wofford

The staff at ODB shares their grade reports from this week's game, a 69-3 shellacking of the Wofford Terriers. When you win by 66 points, good grades are sure to follow.

9.2.2013 DBR: Thoughts on Baylor vs Wofford

My plan most weeks is to get the Thoughts threads up either Saturday night or Sunday, but because of a few family outings yesterday, I didn't get that done. So I'll do it here, instead!

Baylor vs. Wofford: The Morning After

We're now 12 hours out from Baylor's impressive opener against the Wofford Terriers, and we have plenty to talk about from news, notes, links, and more.

Baylor vs. Wofford Highlights

Despite what you might think, this video isn't 20 minutes long full of everything from the game. It's still awesome, though.

Baylor obliterates Wofford 69-3 to open 2013

The largest, most-impressive Baylor Line in history witnessed (probably, I haven't checked) the largest win in an opener in Baylor history tonight. The game was never really in doubt from Baylor's...

Baylor Bears vs. Wofford Terriers Game Thread

Still not totally sure how I'm going to do this on a game-by-game basis, but for today, we'll keep it all in one thread unless things get out of hand. The Baylor Bears are T-60 minutes from playing...


Finally, game day has arrived once again! Tonight, the Baylor Bears will take on the Wofford Terriers in our first game of the season at Floyd Casey Stadium. But that's tonight. We have a lot to do...

One More Day


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Official Wofford Preview/Prediction Thread

Ok, by now you've read everything I've posted this week about Wofford, their offense and defense, and what we can probably expect. You've also listened to the podcast, which is good. It's time to...

Wofford vs. Furman 2012 Highlights/Video

I'm going to be honest with you guys: if Wofford lines up in the same defensive formation as at :34 seconds into this video, with the NT on the inside shoulder of the guard and A and B gaps open on...