Confident McCoy on final, unexpectedly magical run


Twice in the last year Texas Longhorns quarterback Case McCoy looked like he might be done with football, but now he's cementing his legacy after a perfect storm afforded him one last opportunity...

Longhorn Defensive Report Cards


Who gets a scratch n sniff sticker and who gets detention?

With Texas D improving, don't call him Gerg

In Greg Robinson's second stint at Texas, the hallmarks of his first defense are starting to become apparent with his second defense, demonstrating that he's not the same guy who failed at Syracuse...

Battle for the Big 12: Week 7


Happy to be 3-0 in Big 12 play and Operation: Our Time Our Conference is still on schedule. Except this week it's not a running joke.

Texas developing new/old identity with power runs

After gaining 255 yards on the ground against Oklahoma in the Cotton Bowl, Texas is building a new identity on offense that looks quite a bit like an old identity.

Snap Shots: Texas Lead Draw


How the Longhorns sprung Jonathan Gray for a 38-yard gain on 3rd down and 10.

Welcome back, Daje Johnson

A game-changing punt return for the Texas Longhorns offensive weapon against the Oklahoma Sooners heralded the return of impact play from the sophomore.

Mack: "This is Case's team"

Is there another quarterback controversy brewing in Austin?

Forget What You Know About The Big 12


If you thought something was going to happen this past weekend in the Big 12, you were probably wrong.

Podcast | The Debacle In Dallas


Of all the adjectives that we could use to describe Saturday's game against Texas, none are positive in tone or nature. Therefore we'll just say that it was a major disappointment that led to much...

Chasing The Points | Three Plays That Doomed OU


Three critical errors cost the Sooners dearly in their 36-20 loss to the Texas Longhorns

Nightmare At The State Fair For Sooner Defense


The Longhorns Used First Downs To Dictate Sooner Defense