TCU Football Quarterly Report: The First Quarter


The first three games are in the books, how do the different offensive, defensive and coaching groups do through the first quarter of the season?

Study Hall: TCU-Texas Tech


I've got my own ideas for why TCU might have figured out how to lose this game, but I don't want to go too far down that road because it would detract from the Davis Webb story.

RRG | Mayfield's Accuracy; The Eff That Girl


Some links before the game that we missed and the Eff That Girl.

Game Previews & More On Childress Starting


GSU previews, player features, injury updates, soccer previews, WVU Pros update, Big 12 viewing guide & roundup, tailgate prep & more

Post Game Thoughts | TCU 10, Texas Tech 20


The Texas Tech Red Raiders beat the #24 ranked TCU Horned Frogs in an early Big 12 Thursday night match-up.

Tech Tops TCU: Postgame Analysis From FOW


TCU played poorly on offense, the refs seemed to make several bad calls/no calls throughout the game including late, which all lead to a 20-10 loss to Texas Tech in Lubbock.

Post Game Thread | TCU 10, Texas Tech 20


Let's do this.

GDT III | TCU vs. Texas Tech


Let's do this.

GDT I | TCU vs. Texas Tech


Let's do this.

Big 12 Preview: Thursday Night Edition

Looking ahead to this weekend's Big 12 games that don't involve a certain team wearing green and gold.

Weekly Conversation | TCU Horned Frogs


Seth C and SARR continue their weekly conversations, this time about TCU and whether or not Lubbock will have enough towels for Gary Patterson, the Oklahoma St. scandal, key match ups against TCU.

Frogs O War Theater: The Tech Problem


Despite being a short week, the concentration of hate has been very high on Frogs O' War, as TCU/Tech stirs up strong emotions from both sides. We've had profanity laced titles and bets between...