The Unquestionable Swagger of Taysom Hill

Swagger has a name, and it goes by Taysom Hill.

Breakout Player Prediction: Ross Apo


BYU needs the receivers to step up, but which one will be the key for tonight? You may be surprised to see this prediction.

Finalize the Foe: Rivalry Week Edition


With three consecutive losses to their rival, and so much on the line, does BYU finally have what it takes to knock off the Utes?

Taysom Hill is the man for the job


BYU quarterback Taysom Hill still has his fair share of critics, but he is exactly the player the Cougars need under center to be successful this season.

Texas D: Extracting the Mental From Fundamentals


It's hard to watch. But you need to watch.

Some take-aways from BYU's win over Texas


Plenty of reasons for optimism, still some causes for concern though, followed by a round-up of some of the best favorite social media commentary on the game.

How Taysom Hill humiliated the Texas D on ground

The Texas Longhorns defense gave up 259 rushing yards to BYU Cougars quarterback Taysom Hill. How exactly did it happen? Breaking down his three touchdown runs.

TKS S02E02: Can the whole SEC lose?


The Kitchen Sink tackles pay-per-view, SEC strength-of-schedule, Florida's offense, and Texas' head coaching search.

Updating injury status of Daje Johnson, David Ash

Texas Longhorns head coach Mack Brown spoke with the media on Monday morning and updated the injury status of sophomore offensive weapon Daje Johnson and junior quarterback David Ash.

Mack addresses media for first time post-Diaz

Still the head coach for the Texas Longhorns, Mack Brown will meet with the media on Monday morning at 11 am CT for the first time since relieving defensive coordinator Manny Diaz of his duties on

How Diaz was reassigned, Robinson returned as DC

Chronicling the final moments of Manny Diaz as defensive coordinator, how Greg Robinson returned to Texas, and what he'll try to do to fix the defense.

Manny Diaz Fired


Deck chairs and sinking ships.