After Further Review: Ole Miss vs. Texas


What did we notice after replays of the Ole Miss vs. Texas game?

Called soft, Texas faces defining game vs. KSU

Kansas State linebacker Tre Walker called the Texas Longhorns soft. How the defense chooses to respond to that claim will define the season.

THE SEASON: Episode 4 (Texas)


Yay! The Texas win caught in slow motion and set to dubstep!

Study Hall: Ole Miss-Texas


The two teams were relatively even on standard downs, but Ole Miss basically won every passing down no matter who had the ball.

Cobs of the Week: Lots of NU, plus Refs & Texas


As much as we love to dish it out, we have to take it when our Huskers drop a turd into the college football punchbowl... so we'll see a heavy representation of Nebraska here. But we can't forget...

Mack: We can get this righted by winning Big 12

Quotables from coaches and players after the Texas Longhorns fell to the Ole Miss Rebels on Saturday night.

Mack Brown: Legacy and Inevitability


How Mack Brown deals with the inevitable will determine his legacy at Texas.

Ole Miss 44, Texas 23: See No Blowout

A little bit of unseen schadenfreude for the SEC as Ole Miss clobbers Texas and recalibrates its goals

Texas football has me comfortably numb

The Longhorns lost another game at home. Comfortably numb, there's not much to say.

Texas-Ole Miss Game Thread


If we can stop Morgan Freeman from doing voice narration, we may have a chance.

Late College Thread


The schedule peaked early today, but there's plenty of football left on the calendar.

Ole Miss vs. Texas: Good Luck Watching It

A reeling Texas team takes on the Rebels in a game that could turn into a track meet