Playcall Rewind - TCU at Texas Tech


Quick, set up a run for the proper run-pass ratio. We've passed the ball too much...or have we?

Post Game Thoughts | SFA 13, Texas Tech 61


The Texas Tech Red Raiders wallop the SFA Lumberjacks in Kliff Kingsbury's first home win of his coaching career.

Post Game Thread | SFA 13, Texas Tech 61


The Texas Tech Red Raiders easily handled the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks for the first home win in the Kliff Kingsbury era.

GDT III | SFA vs. Texas Tech


Let's do this.

GDT II | SFA vs. Texas Tech


Let's do this.

RRG | SFA v TTU Game Day Information; TV; Links


Game date, time and television information for SFA Lumberjacks visiting the Texas Tech Red Raiders. Links on WR Eric Ward, QB Baker Mayfield and Texas Tech official site video previews.

Oklahoma Previews


OU game previews galore, soccer in action this weekend, Big 12 roundup & viewing guide, tailgate prep & more

Weekly Conversation | SFA Lumberjacks


Tommy McVay is the baddest man on the planet. #wefiredcraigjames ESPN is a ouroboros and no other sports blog has used that word in a really long time. And yes, we opine about SFA.

Iconography | SFA vs. Texas Tech


A comprehensive preview, complete with video, screen grabs, keys to the game, comparing the freshman quarterback performances, including Texas Tech's own Baker Mayfield, and keys to the game...

Big Twelve Football Weekend Preview


After a lackluster start to the football season, the Big Twelve features some favorable match-ups this weekend along with a conference clash between the Sooners and Mountaineers. Here's the...

SFA vs. Texas Tech | Home Game Hotspots


"He's a lumberjack, and he's okay. He sleeps all night, and he works all day..."

Matchups | SFA vs. Texas Tech


A look at the matchups between the visiting Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks as they are the first opponent for Kliff Kingsbury and the Texas Tech Red Raiders at home.