Breaking down the biggest plays of the first half


The Buckeyes are 6-0 at the half way point of the regular season and we break down some of the most crucial and well scripted plays of the first half of the regular season.

Taking a closer look at Bradley Roby


Bradley Roby has taken the brunt of criticism lately, let's take a closer look at his last two performances.

The secondary is a primary concern


18-0. Keep saying it; it's still true. But despite monster games by Braxton Miller against Wisconsin and Carlos Hyde against Northwestern, the Buckeyes could be looking at two straight losses. And...

Getting to know Northwestern

After their first bye of the season, the well-rested Badgers host Northwestern in Wisconsin's lone home game of the month. Here's what you need to know.

Film Review: Adjusting routes to coverage

A look at how Wisconsin's receivers adjusted routes to Ohio State's coverage -- or failed to do so -- and how that affected the Badgers' ability to move the ball.

Film Review: How OSU pressured Wisconsin


Upside: OSU's pressure affected Wisconsin, even when they didn't get great pressure. Downside: We refrain from making jokes using "Under Pressure" by Queen.

A memorial to what Abbrederis and Borland did

The efforts of Chris Borland and Jared Abbrederis were overshadowed by the result of Wisconsin's trip to Ohio State. But make no mistake -- their performances were truly special.

Film Review: Young CBs make young CB mistakes

We discuss why Wisconsin struggled in pass coverage, with a particular focus on cornerback play.

Wisconsin finds room for bye-week improvements

Wisconsin could be 4-1 heading into this weekend's bye -- perhaps a couple plays from 5-0 -- but the Badgers nevertheless have plenty to work on during their off week.

Experiencing the Horseshoe

I had the opportunity to take in Saturday night's game at the Horseshoe. Final result aside, it was nothing short of spectacular.

The Season So Far: A musical interlude

Take a moment to rest, reflect and listen to the songs of September.

Study Hall: Ohio State-Wisconsin


The Ohio State defense did a heroic job against a terrifying Wisconsin run game. Wisconsin's line got a decent push, but the backs still didn't get anywhere.