Week 3 run/pass chart, observations

The jet sweep returns! How did Wisconsin use it and in which formations? Plus, how balanced was the Badgers' offense against the Sun Devils?

Week 3 defense review: Mixed results vs. ASU

Many yards were surrendered and costly penalties committed, but the Badgers also had some bright spots vs. the Sun Devils.

The Forgotten Hero: Jeff Duckworth strikes again

Jeff Duckworth came an officiating mistake away from playing the unlikely hero role yet again Saturday when he broke a tackle on his way to a 51-yard catch to set the Badgers up for a potential...

Tweet Of The Week: 9/10-9/16


Yes, we're making fun of how the Badgers lost on Saturday night. I don't know how you expected anything else.

Moving past Arizona State

The wounds from Saturday night may not be healed yet, but it's time to put this game behind us and move forward.

Wisconsin offense review: Badgers stall vs. ASU

A small collection of big plays made Wisconsin's first loss even more heartbreaking, though serious issues elsewhere cannot be overlooked.

Study Hall: ASU-Wisconsin


Taylor Kelly and the ASU passing game were magnificent and came up with just enough big-play bailouts on passing downs to get the lead.

Podcast: Week 3 recap, Arizona State aftermath

Jake and Scott provide some final therapy for Wisconsin's loss to Arizona State, while also looking ahead to this weekend.

Getting to know Purdue

Saturday, the Badgers will return to the friendly confines of Camp Randall Stadium -- friendlier than ever after the events of last weekend -- set to begin their Big Ten schedule. With that in...

Andersen, Badgers attempt to move on from ASU

Although the Pac-12 reprimanded the officials involved in Wisconsin's Saturday night loss to Arizona State, the result remains the same. The Badgers have no choice but to start focusing on this...

The Monday After: Wisconsin vs. Arizona State

Well, that was painful wasn't it? I'm still trying to get the shock out of my system. I'm sure Gary Andersen, is too.

Podcast 8 p. CT: Wisconsin-Arizona State aftermath

Still mad about the Badgers' loss? Listen tonight at 8 p.m. CT as we break down Wisconsin's loss in the desert.