Alabama-LSU 2014 Recruiting Update


November 9th will be the biggest recruiting weekend of the year for the Crimson Tide.

Tennessee's statistical rankings after Alabama


Tennessee's schedule is no doubt impacting its national statistical rankings, but overall they're not so bad with the exception of most categories relating to the passing game.

Tennessee From The Couch


Re-cap of the Tennessee vs Alabama game

Sunday Morning Hangover: Orange Crushed


Beating Tennessee never gets old.

Initial Impressions From the UT Game


A few thoughts and notes from Alabama's 100th straight victory over the Tennessee Volunteers.

Alabama 45, Tennessee 10: There They Go Again

It's getting harder and harder to tell one Alabama win from another. The easy win against Tennessee is a part of that pattern

Vols lose to Alabama, 45-10


A Not Fun Day still provides a glimmer of better days ahead for the Volunteers football program.

Alabama-Tennessee Open Game Thread - 2nd Half


Bama 35 Teeny 0 - Halftime

Vols-Tide 2nd half thread


There is a 2nd half thread. This is it.

Early College Open Thread


A week that lacks many power matchups across the college landscape, today's a great day for scouting's sake.

Chilly Morning Open Thread


Vandy-TAMU ~ Double Triple Options ~ Morning Games

Tennessee vs. Alabama: The Third Fourth Saturday


There are going to be plenty of narratives going into this game about why it might surprise. You should be careful about those