Hot Reads: On Driskel, Murphy, replacing Easley


How is Florida going to be different with Tyler Murphy, and without Dominique Easley? Think of this as starting over, and be thankful that Jeff Driskel and Easley have some silver linings in the...

Study Hall: Florida-Tennessee


Life is hopeless if you fall behind schedule against Florida's defense. Or if you start an overwhelmed redshirt freshman. Either/or. But Florida's Tyler Murphy really didn't look too bad, did he?

Video analysis: Cummings, Murphy, and Jones


In our second video review of the win over Tennessee we're going to look at some more Tyler Murphy, a little Matt Jones and a nice defensive play.

Defense was Gators' saving grace vs. Vols


Yes, Tyler Murphy did a fine job in relief for Jeff Driskel. But without a relentless defense, the Gators might have been blown out by Tennessee.

Changes to offense coming as Murphy takes over?


Tyler Murphy's emergence as the new QB for the Gators will be accompanied by changes on offense as a way to best accommodate and take advantage of his skill set.

Tennessee Vols statistical rankings after Florida


So what sort of damage did the Florida loss do to Tennessee's statistical rankings resume?

How the Vols' future opponents did this week


I Know What You Did Last Week: A quick look at how Tennessee's remaining opponents performed this past weekend.

Worley, Peterman, and the Awkward Question


This is the awkward moment in the season where we're completely unsure if there's a good enough quarterback on the roster to win big games for Tennessee in 2013. Failing that? Things get tricky.

Florida 31 Tennessee 17 - The Battle & The War


What's the best course of action for the Vols at quarterback going forward?

Florida 31, Tennessee 17: Tyler Murphy Will Start


Jeff Driskel goes down and the Florida offense appears to have the beginnings of a spark. Might the Gators be better off without their starting quarterback?

Vols fall to Gators, 31-17


The Vols' attempt to kickstart their offense with a new QB backfired, and Tennessee lost to Florida yet again.

Gators lead 17-7 at the half in ugly game


Vols and Gators in close contest for Reverse Mr. Universe; Gators lead 17-7