Vols 52 WKU 20 - Truth Is In The Middle


Tennessee got an important win with a weird assist, with plenty of cause for concern still remaining. Trying to make sense of a crazy day at Neyland Stadium.

Tennessee 52, Western Ky. 20: Instant Reaction


In the end, the Volunteers didn't necessarily need the 31 points that came from 7 WKU turnovers, but it sure didn't hurt to have them, either.

Kentucky Online Game-Watching Party


If you can't make it to the game at Neyland this afternoon, watch it with other Vols fans here, using the internet's best live commenting system.

Tennessee-WKU Guessing Game


The Guessing Game returns for WKU, this time snafu-free! We hope!

Tennessee vs Western Kentucky: So Much, So Soon


For a pair of first-year head coaches with careers headed in opposite directions, there's a ton on the line in this Week 2 matchup.

Tennessee - Western Kentucky: Non-statsy preview


With only a meager supply of stats at this point of the season, we instead turn to humor and nightmares to preview this weekend's game between the Vols and the Hilltoppers.

RTT Podcast: Western Kentucky


We're live tonight with Western Kentucky alum Glenn Logan of SB Nation's A Sea of Blue to discuss the Vols and the Hilltoppers.

Tennessee Post/Advance Scouting, Week 1


Games happened yesterday. In lieu of just focusing on Tennessee, let's look around Tennessee's schedule a bit as well.