RMN Bowl Contest Update


Not all the way back by any means, but a nice step closer.

Star power and failure

If field goals are failures, there was a lot of failure on Saturday. Still, Teddy Bridgewater, Ryan Switzer, Tyler Lockett, and (in the booth) Jesse Palmer came up big for fans on the last active...

Keys To The Belk Bowl


What does Cincinnati have to do to beat North Carolina and become the first school to win two Belks in a row since Virginia did so in the first two editions of this game.

Down The Drive Belk Bowl Staff Picks


republicofcincinnati: I don't know much about the Tarheels, except that they won 5 of their last 6 against middle of the pack ACC teams (& ODU) and had a 4-3 record at home...certainly not enough...

Bowl Game Open Thread


We're getting into the quality of the bowl schedule today with four prime clashes including the potential #1 overall pick.

RMN Bowl Contest Update


Be warned...it is not pretty.

Bearcats Down Two Offensive Line Starters


Starting Senior guards Austen Bujnoch and Sam Longo will not be playing in today's Belk Bowl.

Get The Day Started Right


Watch the last five minutes of last years Belk Bowl

Belk Bowl: Time to Get Your Belk Puns Ready

It's late December, which must mean it's time for everyone's favorite bowl game featuring some team from North Carolina against some team from that conference that used to be called the Big East

North Carolina Football Statistical Profile


Taking an in depth look at the North Carolina Tar Heels ahead of tomorrows Belk Bowl clash with the Cincinnati Bearcats.

Tar Heels To Watch, Eric Ebron


The Tar Heels best offensive weapon is a mutant half gigantic wide receiver / half tight end hybrid, and he is by far the number one concern for the Bearcats