Minnesota Football Recruiting: Alonzo Craighton


Tall, long corners are all the rage throughout the NFL and college football. Coach Sawvel knows all about that, landing a 6'2" prospect to patrol the boundary.

Monday Perspective Wants At Least a Little Respect


So that was a nice win for the Gophers on Saturday.  The Gophers have moved to 5-1, 2-0 in the Big Ten and are putting themselves in position to be playing some meaningful games in November.  But...

3S-4Q-5T: Gophers Keep Going


Norsk_Gopher's weekly Gopher football recap, 3 Stars - 4 Quarters - 5 Thoughts.

Sunday Survey: Gold Helmets - The Verdict


Up until now, there was only one new helmet I've liked in years. As of yesterday, I have two.

Gophers Beat Northwestern For Key Big Ten West Win


This afternoon's game was everything most of us were expecting.  A couple evenly matched teams with good defenses and improving offenses.  In the end it was the Gophers who made enough plays to...

Models and Bottles! - Northwestern


Mathematical predictions for all important contest between Minnesota and Northwestern, arguably one of the three games that will decide the Big Ten West. Time to batten down the hatches.

Seven Things: Gopher Offense to Decide the Season


At this point we can now count on the defense and special teams to be good week in and week out. The offense? How consistent they can be will decide whether the Gophers barely get bowl eligible or...

Models & Bottles! - Bye Week #1


Some Big Ten schedule projects for the Minnesota Golden Gophers as they head into their bye week. Happy Oktoberfest!

Brick by Brick Episode: "The Little Brown Jug"


This week's Brick by Brick episode features the captured Little Brown Jug.

Charts & Chalk! - Michigan


Breaking down the stats and the film of Minnesota's big win to reclaim the Little Brown Jug!

Michigan's Issues Against Misdirection vs. Minn


Michigan struggled with a number of constraint plays Minnesota rolled out on Saturday. Here I break down a few more.

Golden Nugz 10/1/14


Welcome to a brief afternoon Nugz, Gophers fans!